BRouter: Crossing the Alpes

With BRouter being one of the few routers able to do non-bullshit routing through elevated terrain, of course the first thing you want to test is to cross real mountains.

No problem, except for a computational problem. The mobile version has a de-facto limit in distance at about 150km in regions with high OSM density, but with the online version also alpine routes are no problem (but see the hint there about "Download GPX"). Here are two examples from Lake Constance on the northern side of the alpes to Lake Maggiore and Lake Garda on the southern side:

  • Lake Constance -> Lake Garda (trekking)
  • Lake Constance -> Lake Maggiore (trekking)

  • Note that these routes are calculated with the trekking-profile that does consider the long-distance cycle network, and this is quite dense in Switzerland, so these are mostly long-distance cycle routes, without much intelligence added by BRouter.

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