BRouter: Let's get serious about bike routing

There's a lot of routing software on the market, both free and commercial, both online and offline, both OSM and proprietary maps. However, when it comes to bike routing, it's hard to find something that's really useful. There's far less money and engineering power in the field compared to car navigation.

What do we expect from a bike routing software? It should be able to calculate more or less the routes that match your experience in the regions you are familiar with, thus giving you confidence that it yields the same quality in unknown regions. Scanning the market with that expectation gives little to no result.

Here's what makes BRouter unique:

  • It uses freely configurable routing profiles
  • It works fully offline on any Android phone and is interfaced to some of the most popular Android map tools
  • It uses a sophisticated routing-algorithm with elevation consideration
  • It offers alternative route calculations
  • It supports via and nogo-points
  • It can consider long distance cycle routes
  • Routing data is available worldwide with automatic weekly updates
  • BRouter uses OpenStreetMap

    BRouter uses user-generated, collaboratively collected free geodata. Thanks to and contributors - please donate your geographic data to! See the License description for details.

    Online versions

    Check brouter-web if you want to use BRouter online. Or use the simple old online version as a fallback in case your browser cannot run brouter-web

    Android app for offline routing

    See offline routing app for how to setup BRouter for offline routing on an Android smartphone.

    Revision history

    See the revision history for older revisions of the app and the change-log.

    Google group for support questions and feedback

    Please use the osm-android-bikerouting google group for any questions/feedback.

    Other bike routing resources:

    openstreetmap wiki router comparison matrix

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